For 51 years, OWPR has provided innovative design solutions for clients across a diverse range of project types; including educational, recreation, athletic, community, municipal, commercial, and religious. We realize that each project and each client is unique, and we provide a design team tailored to fit.


OWPR has been built on the foundation of honesty, integrity, loyalty and trust. We have been guided by the philosophy that our clients are our partners. We listen to them. We involve them in the design and decision-making process. It is with these principles that we have built relationships with our clients that have spanned decades.


Our Process:


Listen First – Our designs are a direct response to the client’s current and anticipated needs. The most important step to a successful project is listening first to understand these needs.


Collaborative Design – We will introduce you to new and exciting concepts in space planning, design, and sustainability. Accompanying us will be our engineering staff, who will enable us to explore how building operating systems can be designed to maximize effectiveness and minimize energy usage. This fun, exciting collaborative design approach ensures that your project achieves not only aesthetic and space planning goals, but also delivers a building that is low maintenance, sustainable, and easily operated.


Successful Construction – We believe that a successful construction project should result in not only a building delivered as designed, on time, and under budget, but it should result in a stronger relationship between the client and their Architects and Engineers. Where others may see the construction phase of a project as a nuisance, we view it as a time to hone the execution of the project. We confront and solve problems quickly and effectively, recognizing the far-reaching effects of a non-responsive design professional.


At OWPR, our architects’ innovative designs merge seamlessly with our engineers’ insightful practicality. With architects and all engineering disciplines in-house, we offer a pragmatic design approach that balances creative space planning, aesthetic goals, refined function, and sustainability.


OWPR has offices in Virginia and West Virginia. We service all of Virginia and West Virginia.


Historical Timeline of OWPR, Inc.